Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Plant Biodiversity of World

The book “Biodiversity of World” given complete account of the Biodiversity of World. The book contains six chapters, the first chapter deals with different environmental problems faced by world and variety of plant exists in different eco-systems. Second chapter gives details of earlier conservation efforts by different international organization. Chapter three describes Biodiversity convention and Agenda 21. Chapter four deals with after Rio and the follow up of Rio conference. Chapter five deals with Bio Diversity Bill. Chapter six describes different plants of plant kingdom from algae to angiosperms, their habitat, general description and economic importance.

Uniqueness of book is 205photographs taken from the postal stamps of variety plant biodiversity; stamps are collected from different countries of world. The photos include different seasons which affect the life cycle of plant, planet sun, different mushrooms, fern tree, fossil pteridophyte, pines, rare medicinal plants, roses, different rhododendrons, orchids, etc.
The book also deals with “Orchids” and description of different stamps released by different countries on Orchids like, Vanda, Star orchid, Dendrobium etc

The book is meant for environmentalist, foresters, academicians, students and philatelists.

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