Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dispute climate change report earn $10,000

Thinktank offers cash to dispute UN climate panel
Do you want to dispute climate change report released.
If you dispute you can earn $10, 000 dollars
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A right-wing American thinktank is offering $10,000 to scientists and economists to dispute a climate change report released on Friday byte he UN’s top scientists panel, The Guardian reported.
The American Enterprise Institute (AEI), which receives funding from oil giant Exxon Mobil according to the daily, sent letters to scientists in the US, Britain and Else where offering the payments in exchange for articles emphasising the shortcoming of the UN’s report.
AEI also reportedly offered additional payments, and to reimburse travel expenses.
The report, released on Friday in Paris by the UN’s Inter government panel for Climate Change (IPCC), a gave bleak assessment of the damage to the future of the environment.
It is the culmination of four days of debate between more then 500 scientists at a closed-door meeting in Paris.
Kenneth Green, the AEI visiting scholar, confirmed to The Guardian that the thinktank had approached scientist and analysis to pen essays that would be compiled into an independent review of the IPCC’s report.
“Once group says that anyone with any doubts what so ever are deniers and the others group is saying that anyone who wants to take action is alarmist. We don’t think that approach ahs a lot of utility for intelligent policy.” Business line February3, 2007 writes


Anonymous said...

it is not possible to dispute the climate change, as we are seeing the change in the climate.


abhishek said...

there is lot of research on climate change, it is not possible to disprove the chang of climate