Saturday, November 21, 2009


I was invited as chief guest to GREEN DAY CELEBRATIONS at Sri Vidyanjali School, Vivekananda Nager colony, Kukkatpally, Hyderbad. It is one of the most wonderful evenings I spent in my life.

It is amazing to see how Ist standard to VI th standard young children have sent a beautiful message to the parents, “how to protect environment”. The children’s played various scripts revolving the themes relating to environment, what will be the future if the present trends of environment degradation continues and how environment can be saved. Children played scripts not use plastic bags instead use cloth bags, how indiscriminate use of petrol will deplete natural resources and how to save petrol, how destruction of trees will degrade environment and gave message to plant trees and how to save water and how to save electricity

I gave a message to the parents and others that it is everyone’s individual social responsibility to protect environment and every one should take pledge to protect environment as the young children’s shown ways how to protect environment through their scripts.

My congratulations to all young children, teachers, and M. Hemalatha, Principal of Sri Vidyanjali School, have done wonderful work to give green message to all, to create clean and green environment. They should continue to do these programmes for awareness of people.

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