Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inconvenient truth vs Not Evil Just Wrong ?

Al Gore received a Nobel Prize and an Oscar for claiming in his film An Inconvenient Truth that humans cause global warming. Today, because of this film, school children fear that polar bears are drowning and they and their parents will be next. And extreme “cap-and-trade” legislation Gore could only dream about a decade ago is now pending approval in the U.S. Senate, estimated to cost billions of dollars.

Speaking in Madison, Wisconsin, Al Gore faced a question about inaccuracies identified in his film An Inconvenient Truth. The former vice president rarely takes questions during his appearances but at the annual conference for the Society of Environmental Journalists he made an exception. Phelim McAleer, a film director and producer who is releasing a film titled Not Evil Just Wrong to counter Gore’s movie, was given the opportunity to pose a question to Gore.

He asked Gore to respond to a British High Court’s finding in October 2007 that An Inconvenient Truth had “nine significant errors” and was shown in “the context of alarmism and exaggeration.” McAleer further queried Gore as to whether or not the errors had been corrected.Gore chose not to respond to the questions directly saying, “I’m not going to go through all of those.” McAleer tried to press Gore to answer the question but Gore evaded and the organizers cut McAleer’s microphone

In Not Evil Just Wrong two Irish filmmakers take on Al Gore and the blind acceptance of his doomsday agenda. Over 3 years in the making with a budget of over $1million, this explosive documentary exposes the distortions and hypocrisy of Gore and the global warming “industry.” It explains the true costs of environmental policies like “cap-and-trade” now before Congress. Today over 31,000 scientists are saying Al Gore is wrong. That CO2 has little effect on planetary temperatures, and there is no climate crisis. But Not Evil Just Wrong is the film that explains it all and will decisively change the public's mind about global warming. The film will be released on October 18th 2009

Inconvenient truth vs Not Evil Just Wrong ???? Which one to believe? Who is correct and who is wrong, is big question mark?

One thing is certain in the name of development we have lost large chunks of forests and lost beautiful wild life, we have polluted the planet earth. It is our duty to protect the planet and give greener planet to the next generations.

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