Thursday, September 10, 2009

Green Buildings : To Save Environment.....

Environment has no boundaries and environment is apolitical. India's per capita greenhouse gas emissions are expected to nearly triple in the next two decades, but will still remain below the current global average.

The current per capita rate at around 1.2 tonnes per year, compared to the global average of 4.22 tonnes. Five different studies released by independent institutions concluded that India's per capita emissions of carbon dioxide equivalent would reach 2.1 tonnes in 2020 and 3.5 tonnes in 2030. India's per capita output is one of the lowest globally, but given its massive population it is one of the top polluters in the world.

What individual has to do to live clean and green?

The green building concepts we can see in ancient civilisation. Many old monuments if you see are constructed based on the green concepts. The panchaboothas air, light, agni, water, earth are balancing the forces in the house for healthy living. Many modern buildings are not environment friendly. To protect environment the Green house concepts were revived, many new buildings are constructed based on the concepts of eco friendly.

The benefits of green buildings are

  • · Energy savings by 30-40% using much of natural light by orienting the building at right direction. More doors and ventilators for natural lights. This will save lot of energy used for lighting and heating. Using of renewable energy like solar heaters, solar lights etc. Usingof energy efficient bulbs and appliances.

  • · Water saving nearly 20-30%, modern water saving devices used in kitchen and bathrooms and waste water treatment and rain water harvesting system will help reducing water usage

  • · Indoor air quality will be increased because of cross ventilation which will cool the building

  • · Planting trees surrounding areas of the building and landscaping will create microclimate and the building will have cooling effect. Plants also will lessen the carbon foot prints because plants are sink to Co2.

  • · The three mantras reduce, reuse, recycle are commonly practiced in green building concepts.

  • · The long term recurring expenditure on electricity bill will be decreased.
  • · The fly ash bricks, High performance glass, Wall & Roof insulation, Low VOC paints, adhesives & sealants, CRI certified carpets, FSC Certified wood, high albedo roofing material, Fly ash blocks, Eco-friendly chemicals waterless urinals, high COP chillers, CO2 sensors, root zone treatment plants, wind towers and eco friendly paints are some of the eco friendly material available in the market.
  • · The aesthetic value of green bulding will be increased, inmates of the house live serene life and increase productivity.

According to study Green building will reduces 12000-15000 tons of Co2 per million square feet. Indian Green Buiding Council desires to register two billion square feet of areas under green building concepts by 2012.

Until and unless the present buildings are also brought under green building concepts(by altering the building or using energy efficient techniques and educating the inmates of the buildings) the desirable emission can not be achieved. For this there should be awareness programmes all over the country and every individual should be responsible for reducing carbon foot prints or reaching zero foot prints level.

Green building concepts should not be restricted to elite society, green concepts should go down to the bottom of the society , common man.


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