Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Clean Climate

The United Nations urged the world to kick its addiction to carbon dioxide on World Environment Day on Thursday, and said everyone must take steps to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change.

Just under half of personal emissions come from things under individuals control, the United Nations said.

It recommends the following for anyone keen to shrink their carbon footprint.

· Wake up with a traditional wind-up alarm clock, not an electronic one: save almost 48 grams (g) of carbon dioxide (Co2) each day.

· Brush witha a non-electric toothbrush; avoid nearly 48 g of Co2 emissions

· Replace a 45-minute workout on a treadmill with a jog in a nearby park; save nearly 1kg of carbon.

· Heat bread rolls in a toaster, not an oven, for 15 minutes; save nearly 170g f Co2.

· Take the train rather than the car to the office: a distance of as little as 8 km can save 1.7kg of CO2.

· Shut down your computer and flat screen during the lunch break and when you leave work: this cuts Co2 emissions generated by these appliances by one-third.

· Install a water-saving shower head. This will save 10 liters of water per minute and halve CO2 emissions of a three-minute hot shower.

· Switch from regular 60-Watt light bulbs to energy saving compact fluorescent lamps.

· Dry clothes on a washing line instead of a tumble dryer: knock 2.3kg of CO2 off your total.

· Pack a light suitcase: world savings of 2million tonnes of CO2 a year are possible if every airline passenger cuts their baggage to below 20kg and buys duty free goods on arrival.

Sources: Reuters, United Nations Environment Programme.

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